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about php4flicks
php4flicks is a small yet powerful, PHP/MySQL powered movie data base.


php4flicks is free software, licensed under the GPL license.

[09.07.07] some people pointed out that fetching several movies in a row can cause the script to hang; patch is here.
[10.04.07] thanks to Martin Nielsen, there is finally a patch for the recent imdb changes.
[19.10.06]I finally got around to fixing the problem that the actor list was no longer fetched due to imdb changes. thanks to everyone who pointed this out to me! patch
[27.05.06]0.4.1b fixes problems grabbing poster due to imdb changes. thanks to Jonas for the patch! (patch)
[30.01.06]patch fixes change in imdb pages (poster no longer fetched).
[27.11.05]Raśl Zablas contributed a spanish language file. thx!
[13.08.05]email function was out of order; SORRY for that.
[14.03.05]Jarno Selänpää provides a finnish language file
[02.02.05]0.4.1a fixes search problems due to another change of imdb pages (patch)
[02.02.05]Deelight provided a french language file
[02.01.05]a Multi-User version is now available, thanks to DBMDude who spent a lot of time writing it
[02.01.05]version 0.4.1 released, including ezpdf as an easier-to-configure alternative to htmldoc

main window main window w. genre browser detail view
main window genre browser movie detail view
print/search dialogue edit view info screen
print and search dialogues edit view info screen

a demo is available here. you can log in using 'demo' as user and '314159' as password. note, however, that you cannot do any changes to the database. also, the pdf-list is not generated dynamically.


current version: 0.4.1b (view changes)

multi-user version: (details...)

a multilingual version is also available. currently, english, german, bulgarian, and french language files are included. (if you need english only, download the normal version.)

for older versions, see sourceforge project page.

installation and configuration
php4flicks is very easy to install and configure. please refer to the included readme file.
>view readme

email me questions, comments, wishes, complaints, bugfixes...
please read the FAQ section before sending me questions.

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