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when I click on a letter or do a search, I get MySQL errors
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if you get MySQL errors like "you have an error in you SQL syntax ... near '\'m%\' ORDER BY...", this is most likely caused by a PHP feature called magic_quotes_gpc. When magic quotes are on, PHP automatically escapes special characters in GET/POST/COOKIE data. Since most scripts do not cope with this, MAGIC QUOTES SHOULD ALWAYS BE SWITCHED OFF! you can disable them by setting magic_quotes_gpc=off in your php.ini. In case you cannot edit the php.ini file yourself, you can also set the according flag in a .htaccess file. Also make sure you have a reasonably recent version of MySQL installed; please check the web site or README to find out about the minimal requirements.
the pdf export does not work
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If you want to use this feature, you must have HTMLdoc installed. HTMLdoc is freely available from easysw. Please note that you can download the source only, there are no pre-compiled binaries available. Also, please understand that I cannot give any support regarding the compilation or installation of HTMLdoc.

Once HTMLdoc is up and running, make sure the executable is installed in <path_to_php4flicks>/print/. If you install it in another directory, you must edit the path variable in the index.php file in the /print directory.

I'm unable to log in
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First, make sure you have set a passwort correctly. If you still cannot log in, something with your servers session management might be wrong. Please refer to your server's manual if you are unsure how to configure this. Also make sure that your browser accepts cookies! This is a quite common source of problems if you're using IE.
how do I create an encrypted password?
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The password used for login is stored in /config/config.php. It is md5-encrypted for security reasons. To get the md5-value of your password, type 'md5 -s<your_password>'. On windows boxes, you can use a small PHP script to get the encrypted value: <?echo md5(<your_password>); ?>.
I get 'Warning: gzinflate: data error...' when trying to add a movie
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This happens if you are using an older php version. Please use the 'http-compress' config option.
the script suddenly does not fetch movie data from anymore
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Every time modify their pages (which they do far too often) the script might no longer be able to parse the pages and fetch movie data correctly. If you notice this error, please drop me a note so I can update the fetch function asap.
does it comply with imdb's terms and conditions ?
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short answer: I don't know and I don't care.

first off, I am no expert in legal matters. If you want to be on the safe side, contact a legal counsel. Here are some considerations, anyway.

anyway, as long as you don't download their whole database and don't use the data commercially, I don't think imdb would care even if it was against their license. At least imdb hasn't complained with me yet. If they should I will of course publish their point of view on the php4flicks website.

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